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Go Broadband is a coordinated Wi-Max Service brought to you by Agni Systems Limited and ADN Telecom Limited in partnership with Grameenphone ltd. We focus on giving you seriously fast access to the high speed Internet so you can search, download, share and send quickly and easily over your laptop or desktops. Get ready to experience flawless data connectivity to the digital world with Go Broadband, gear up to explore the world in seconds!.

What makes Go Broadband services different is that we are independent of any telco network and we plug you straight into our network without third party delays or external technical issues. You get all the benefits of traditional broadband, including high-speed connection and the convenience of always being online. But the best news is that Go broadband is consistently faster and always seamless. We are built for speed.

At the heart of our network, we use Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-MAX) technology, also known as 4G. This uses a large number of small base station antennas to provide wireless broadband access.


ADN Telecom Limited provides seamless and secured data & internet connectivity to various grades of customers using fiber, satellite and wireless solutions.ADN has been providing services with a very high level of success since 2003.

Agni Systems Limited

Agni Systems Limited has been offering Internet and corporate network solutions to individuals and corporate offices since 1995. Agni now has a country wide coverage and offers the following services to its customers.


Grameenphone LTD is the largest mobile telecommunications operator in Bangladesh in terms of revenue, coverage and subscriber base. The company was incorporated on October 10, 1996 as a private limited company.